Ecostat is primarily a secure online data service available to any organisation that measures air quality or other environmental data. Ecostat provides the following services:

Verification of environmental data

Online calibration and log entries

Acquisition of data from remote monitoring sites

Online reports and graphs including wind roses and pollution roses

Real time data feeds from remote instruments

Ecostat can be run on any Internet Browser and is optimized for MS Internet Explorer. The Ecostat system runs as web pages in the user’s standard browser. The advantage of this system is that no local programs are loaded on the client machine. These means that all updates and enhancements to the system are available immediately to users via the web browser without the need to upgrade the users system with new updates and releases. This approach allows users via a secure username and password to view the data and graphs in Ecostat from any computer or Operating system as long as it is connected to the internet.

Ecostat is developed and supported by a South African software company. These gives Ecostat the advantage over it peers of having fast local support and the software and communications being designed specifically for the South African Market. Ecostat is constantly being updated and improved based on the South African Legislation.