Environmental Database

Ecostat is built on a very strong and sound database running on the latest MS-SQL Platform. This database controls and maintains the integrity of all the logged data as well as user defined parameters and controls in the system. The database itself contains encryption routines which prevent unauthorised or accidental changes to the data. The database can be fully replicated to a remote site. This function allows the data to be fully duplicated in
another location for security or recovery purposes. All changes made to the data are logged via a process of Audit Trails in the system. The system keeps a full copy of the “received” rawdata as well as so that all changes can be rolled back and audited against the original data.internet.

Calibration Entry and Log Entries

Ecostat caters for the entry of calibration data as well as Minimum and Maximum Ranges. This data is used for the verification and correction of “rawdata”. Zero and Span data is entered into the system and used for verification and correction of the “rawdata”. A log and site visit system is also used in Ecostat to track normal and error conditions in a site e.g. Power Failures, Equipment removal and tracking, etc


Ecostat is developed and supported by a South African software company. These gives Ecostat the advantage over it peers of having fast local support and the software and communications being designed specifically for the South African Market. Ecostat is constantly being updated and improved based on the South African Legislation.