Data Imports

Data is imported into the Ecostat system via communication on the GPRS network. Data is imported into the system via a three pass mechanism:
1. The data is imported directly from the remote site into the SQL database (This data is never modified after import).
2. Data is then verified for integrity and incorrect data and missing data is flagged in the system for further correction. Data that can automatically be corrected according to the specified parameters is then written at this stage.
Data that cannot be corrected is flagged for user intervention in the system. These three pass approach to data importation allows us to audit the changes and check the integrity of the data at any stage. It also facilitates the roll back of the database state at a point to verify and correct any data. The system logs all data changes and an audit is produced for all data problems and data that has been corrected be it automatically in the system or with user intervention in the data. The system can integrate into any logger data provided the parameters are correctly set in the system by the software company. Files can either be downloaded via GPRS or via FTP site.

Data Exports

Ecostat is able to take in data from many dissimilar systems and update it into its database from these sources. The advantage of this is that a download of verified data is then available and is consolidated into a common format for easy import into Excel or other programs. Data is exported in easily readable CSV files and these may be customized for client needs and downloads. In addition only selected data may be exported if required. The export of verified data allows Ecostat to easily integrate with GIS systems and the like.


Ecostat is developed and supported by a South African software company. These gives Ecostat the advantage over it peers of having fast local support and the software and communications being designed specifically for the South African Market. Ecostat is constantly being updated and improved based on the South African Legislation.