Ecostat Communicator

Ecostat Communicator is a custom made hardware and software solution for the transmission of data from the meteorological station and E-SAMPLER instruments. Ecostat communicator can connect to a variety of instruments and logger platforms making it the logical choice for organizations with dissimilar instruments and platforms.

Ecostat Communicator Operation

The system uploads data directly from the remote logger station via GPRS or Edge technology directly to a remote server. The connection can also me made via a direct TCP connect if a network is available. This connection is made from the remote station and can be set in intervals of 10 minutes or pre-set intervals to transmit data to the host (main) system. The remote station makes a direct IP connection via a secure link and transmits the data to the host system. The communications software has built in checksums that ensure the data integrity is maintained during transmission. When used in conjunction with Ecostat the system is designed to report error conditions real time and to eliminate loss of critical data by Alerts and Alarms and early warning systems. Dependant on the time reporting interval of data certain SMS and Email alerts are available to users. Data received every 4-6 hours or more frequently will generate additional SMS alerts for the clients. Alarms via SMS and Email can be setup and customized for each client and site. A no data warning alert can also be issued if no data is being collected and received from the remote site.


Ecostat is developed and supported by a South African software company. These gives Ecostat the advantage over it peers of having fast local support and the software and communications being designed specifically for the South African Market. Ecostat is constantly being updated and improved based on the South African Legislation.